Our collective moral compass is quite likely dysfunctional. The world we live in seems to have gone mad and thanks to technology, we have access to a live-feed of everything that is going on, the good and the bad. The latest on the negative spectrum of things is what people are calling the "XXXTentacion challenge." Usually, these challenges are aimed towards a positive goal, from generating laughter to raising money.  Some challenges can be absurd like the planking challenge. Some can be straight up dumb and dangerous, like the Tide pod challenge. In both of these cases, people still found ways to have a laugh and engage in productive dialogue. In this instance, the positivity is unclear if not absent. The "XXXTentacion challenge" has people posing for pictures, slumped in the front seat of a car attempting to mimic the tragic scene on the rapper's untimely passing. Then, those who participate are meant to post their pictures on social media. The resulted content is objectively unnecessary at best, and quite frankly appalling.

Here is the Twitter post that seems to have started the whole thing:

Thankfully, most of the content found under "#XXXTentacionchallenge" consists of criticism. The reaction to the new fad is mostly negative.

 The original poster's response is lackluster, to say the least:

The dude is clearly misguided. Those who decide to follow him are to be considered clueless as well. Do you think this whole thing will lose steam or is it likely to gain popularity?