More drama went down on "The Revenge Tour" Wednesday night in San Diego. Just days after Wifisfuneral was rushed to the hospital after being jumped by concertgoers when he went crowd surfing, someone from Rob $tone's crew decided to bum rush the stage and punch XXXTENTACION square in the face in the middle of his set, sending the rapper flying across stage, before security quickly jumped all over him and issued some punches of their own. Then total mayhem ensued on stage with the lights going on & people running & screaming everywhere.

The punch isn’t all that shocking since the two have been going back & forth with another on wax & social media for the past few months, but a cheap shot in the middle of his set? I got a feeling XXXTentacion isn’t going to let this fly, and will surely respond with some sort of action.

For now, check out what is rumored to be one of Rob $tone's homies punching X square in the face (below). We'll keep you posted moving forward with any further updates and/or developments.