It was reported this morning that music streaming service, Spotify, would be dropping controversial R&B artist, R. Kelly, from it's official playlists due to their new policy that aims on reducing the amount of hateful content on the platform. Now it's been discovered that a few other artists have also been hit by the changes, namely XXXTentacion and Tay-K.

According to Spin, artists who exhibit "egregious" behavior, or promote "violence against a group or individual" are liable to be subjected to these new rules. Tay-K, who's come-up song "The Race" featured him rapping in front of his wanted poster, has been sitting in prison awaiting to be tried on a murder charge. There's no end to the list of allegations against X, who has also been featured in a video punching a woman in the head.  

X and Tay-K were mainstays on Spotify's algorithmic rap playlists, but as of today their songs have been removed. Though, according to Spin, a song featuring Tay-K was still allowed in the playlist. 

In a statement to Spin, Spotify communications head Graham James said, "You are so right that this is a complicated process with a ton of grey areas, so we’re can’t get into an artist by artist discussion. In general we work with our partners and try to make the best decisions on a case by case basis."

It appears that if you're an artist who runs afoul of Spotify's partners, you might get the boot from it's playlists, which may explain why X and Tay-K are banned but Chris Brown is still alright