Amid the beef that is exploding between Rob $tone and Ski Mask The Slump God at Desiigner's The Outlet tour, the New Jason Voorhees shared an excerpt of "Bowser," his upcoming joint with XXXTENTACION.

In a clip he posted on social media, the up-and-coming rapper sits in a minivan and plays the new collaboration on the car's sound system. He spits the lyrics while "Bowser" blares out of the speakers. Produced by Purpdogg, the track shows Ski Mask and X's rambunctious synergy. In the clip, X's recorded voice screams the hook while Ski Mask delivers a drawling flow that speeds up and slows down without warning.

Florida rapper -- another product of Broward County -- has been making headlines as of late. Over the weekend, he was involved in an onstage imbroglio with Rob $tone. Then on Tuesday, sources claim assailants jumped him. X has come to his friend's defense, throwing major shade at the "Chill Bill" rapper online, whom he accuses of employing gang members to do his dirty work. 

Check out the snippet to "Bowser" in the clip below.