Living a rockstar lifestyle has several prerequisites these days. As the trend grows more and more popular, face tattoos are looking like a necessity for anybody craving the most hardcore of exteriors. While the decision to get inked up on your face will surely disappoint your family and stop you from getting an office job, maybe that's the point. Many musicians have been adamant that they got face tattoos to ensure that they would never be able to get a job, forcing them to go hard in their creative crafts. XXXTentacion had quite a few tattoos on his face. One man who limits his ink intake is Lil Yachty. Grieving the loss of his peer, Boat recalled a conversation he had with XXX about tattoos with each of the two clowning the other over their questionable ink.

On a trip to Kansas, Yachty called the 17 rapper and noticed his "Bad Vibes" tattoo on his eyes, referring to him as a "small, miniature demon." The FaceTime was made during the time X had shaved his eyebrows and dyed his hair white, giving him peak demon vibes. Responding to the joke, XXX laughed saying that Yachty probably has a boat tattooed "on his ass cheeks," giving him no place to clown him. Clapping back by insisting that he's not the one with a tree on his forehead, the two cracked up together before continuing their conversation.

In the days following his murder, many members of the hip-hop community shared their messages with XXXTentacion, proving him to be a genuinely caring person, constantly checking up on his friends. As we continue to mourn his loss, Yachty is choosing to look back on the positive moments they shared.