It's been an absolutely wild year for XXXTentacion and even for many of the fans that flock to his concert. In the latest incident, X punched a fan that put his hands on the artist as he walked through the crowd. This went down after the infamous attack on X while performing in San Diego just a few weeks earlier. 

"This n**** puts his hand in the center of my chest. What the f*** am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to let this n**** touch me? Am I supposed to let this n**** assault me? I didn't know what the f*** he was gonna do," the artists says about the fan who he punched. X reportedly apologized and brought the fan on stage afterwards. 

He also addresses the recent media coverage he's been getting, asking why publications seem to only focus on the bad. "Ya'll don't wanna publicize the fact that I been at all my f***** shows tryna positively affect all of these kids?... that at every show I basically give power to equality?" he says.

Take a look at the entire video below.