XXXTentacion's tattered relationship with Jocelyn flores is more than just a fictional tale. "Jocelyn Flores," one of XXX's most popular songs, was about a brief courtship that lasted only eleven days, culminating in a young woman's suicide-death. Flores was said to be reacting to their involuntary breakup, due to XXXTentacion's pending probation.

While some of her family members remain touched by the message-driven song, others are appalled by the lack of consent in his gesture. Jocelyn's step-sister was especially touched when she saw her sister's name; her aunt on the hand was less pleased. "(He) didn’t even give us the courtesy (of) saying hey, I’m going to do this, I hope you guys are OK with it!” Flores' aunt Brandee Ramirez posted on Facebook. "Nope! No courtesy there! Using death for publicity!"

The family says they only heard of the record days after the 17 was released to the public in late-August 2017 when Jocelyn's uncle came upon the song in passing. Her uncle then brought the rest of their inner-circle up to speed. The "Instagram" condolences XXXTentacion posted immediately following her death is the acknowledgement the family has received to date. It should be noted that Jocelyn's step-father allegedly tried to set up a phone conversation with XXXTentacion, but nothing came of it.