It appears XXL may not actually end all print editions of the hip-hop magazine, at least, this is according to their Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten. As we reported on in September, XXL was recently bought out by Townsquare Media, and with the purchase of XXL they stated that they would go digital-only, following the G-Unit cover of the magazine.

While talking to MTV News, Satten said that we can expect more magazines from the hip-hop mainstay. "We are going to continue doing magazines," Satten said.

Satten also spoke on the abruptness of the buy-out. "It was a shift early on, everything happened suddenly," she explained. "We found out [about the sale] on a Monday, we’re packing on a Tuesday and we’re in the new office by Wednesday morning. We were surprised by the whole thing."

While the print editions of XXL will likely be much less infrequent than they are now, Satten assures us they will happen. "We’ll do another issue this year, several issues next year, I’m not exactly sure what the number is, we’ll figure it out but [they'll] definitely [be] magazines next year," she revealed. "There’ll definitely be Freshmen and we’re going on with a new company."

XXL recently dropped off a two-part G-Unit reunion documentary, which was helmed by Satten.