On Being a 2011 XXL Freshman: “I’m new to this whole game, so getting on blogs, that shit is going to start happening. I’m going to be on all of the blogs and shit, but right now I’m in the streets. I’m getting all of my shit ready for all of that. That’s what niggas know me for, is being in the streets, with the hit song on the radio. I’m not really in the blogs, but I feel like I need the blogs. I’m trying to be successful, so I need everything. I need the Internet, the blogs. I need BET; I need MTV. I need to sell out shows—I need to do all of it. I’m gonna keep dropping records; I’m gonna be touring—all of that shit. I’m gonna just take this whole Freshmen cover shit, and I’m gonna run with it. I’m gonna get it popping.

I was at the house [when I got the call to be on the Freshmen cover] and shit I just felt like I made it. I felt like I made it to the next level. I felt like I passed the first level where you gotta go through just being known. I felt like I passed that level. Now, I feel like it’s official.

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