XXL have kick started their freestyle series for the Freshman Class 2011 and first up is Compton, California representer Kendrik Lamar.

    “It means a lot to be on the Freshmen cover. I’ve always said XXL is an incredible magazine, and I’ve always looked up to it. I was always amazed by artists on the Freshmen cover. I’d be trying to figure out, ‘Damn, how’d they get on there.’ I figured that they must’ve done a whole bunch of shit, and I’ve realized they did, because I’ve put in a lot of work, as far as me and my team, to get to this level to be on this cover. The day I see my face on this cover, I’ll probably drop a tear or something. I’ll cop about 15 copies of them muthafuckas. I’m always going to stay true to the people that came up with me from the bottom, as far as my family and friends that wanted to see me get to a certain level of success. I’m supporting a lot people now, just like they were supporting me when I had nothing.”

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