Day three and Run’s offspring shows us what he can do with his wordplay. As the previous days with Yelawolf and Kendrick, hit over to XXL’s site to read more about him becoming a freshmen.

    “Being here means a lot. It’s always been something I thought was real cool, as a new artist to be on, and it was something that I wanted to be on this year. When I heard [I made it], I was like, ‘What?’ You know, that’s something I was freaking out over, because I was putting in all this hard work, and to see it, you know, actually see the things come to past my ways, it’s just crazy. There are certain goals that people wanna reach, and being a new artist, I’m sure—well, hip-hop artist—I’m sure being on the Freshmen [cover] is one of them. And that was something that I definitely wanted to do. I mean, being here is crazy.

    When I got that call [from XXL] I flipped, I screamed. I don’t get that hype about nothing, but I was bouncing off the walls. That obviously means that this is a big thing for me. It’s like a dream come true. My dad, [Joseph ‘Reverend Run’ Simmons] was excited for me [too]. That’s something that is important for any artist. Being on the XXL Freshmen list is that mark, it’s that stamp. It’s very meaningful to me, so the fact that I got it, and now to see it set in stone, is crazy.

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