Whether you like it or not, the XFL is on its way back. With a February 2020 launch on the horizon, Vince McMahon and league commissioner Oliver Luck are looking to create a successful product that outlasts the now-defunct AAF. While this may be an impossible task, it seems as though the league is doing everything it can to make the XFL stand out from the pack. These changes might scare some of the football purists out there, but Luck thinks they'll make the XFL a unique product.

"We literally have a nine-point touchdown. We think that's valuable because teams that historically are down by let's say three scores, well guess what, if it's a 16-point or a 17-point differential, you're really looking at a two-score game theoretically," Luck said on the PFT PM podcast.

Thomas Shea/MLS/WireImage

By nine-point touchdown, Luck means there will be three-point conversions. The plan is also to have a 2-pt conversion shootout as opposed to regular overtime. Essentially, a team would have five attempts to score a convert. Each team would have their offense and defense out at opposite ends of the field which would mean 44 players out on the turf at once. Luck explained that the format would help speed up the game.

"Soccer, which is the global game, hockey, which is the cold-weather global game -- they've figured out how to do overtimes. They're compelling," he said.

Luck also said there will be a three-hour time limit for each game which will help speed things up.