Aa the year 2020 has brought no shortage of devastation, pain, and frustration, many have looked to the simple pleasures of life for solace. As it happens, November is set to mark the beginning of a new gaming generation, with both Microsoft and Sony launching their Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 respectively. And while the gaming giants have opted to keep the details relatively scarce, as is often the case, leaks can and will run rampant.

Microsoft recently found themselves dealing with a few crucial leaks after the existence of the Xbox Series S, a smaller version of their anticipated Series X console hit the internet. As the damage was already done, Microsoft came through to make it official, taking to Twitter to set the record straight on the Series S. "Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever," reads the announcement tweet. "$299." 

While they neglected to confirm some of the additional leaked specs, namely that the Series X would allegedly support up to 1440p / 120 FPS, raytracing, and a 512GB custom SSD, Microsoft did promise that further details would be shared "soon." And with the big launch month nearing ever close, expect both Microsoft and Sony to really ramp up the promotional tactics in the weeks to come. In the meantime, check out the reveal of the Series S, a more affordable alternative to next-gen gaming, below.