Playing video games and eating go together like peanut butter and jelly, but unless you're sucking something out of a straw like a smoothie or a puree, the activities are doomed to contradict one another, . The greasy controller quickly becomes the broken controller after a slippery thumb presses 'jump' instead of 'crouch' and I'm sure many of us have said things we might regret in these moments of blind anger. But, no longer will Xbox players have to send messages of apology after calling names in frustration because there is a new controller here to save the day. 

Xbox has teamed up with Player Unknown Battlegrounds for a new controller that is, well, greaseproof. The controller, which is painted in PUBG's signature colours of grey and yellow, is apparently impervious to any type of grease. It's also adorned (and likely inspired) by the phrase displayed in-game after winning a match in PUBG: "Winner winner, chicken dinner."

The ad for the controller shows it being hurled through waterfalls of grease, unmoved, and being pelted with drumsticks to little effect. Only 200 will be available though, so to get yours before it's gone, you can enter to win one on Facebook.

Watch the ad for the new controller below: