It is no secret that the newest installment in the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix, has been performing well under expectations. We previously reported on the franchise's newest movie flopping at the box office with a meager $14 million dollar opening despite the much higher expectations for its opening. In fact, projections for the movie looked at a $285 million dollar opening hence you can see how the actual results reflected an epic fail. The disappointing box office numbers have marked Dark Phoenix's debut as the worst opening in the franchise's history. And considering its $200 million dollar production cost, the Sophie Turner-led film was even looking at losing major bucks, exactly up to $120 million dollars because of its failure to meet expectations.

As such, recent reports by Complex now indicate the movie is still going downhill. After debuting at number two on the box office with a $33 million dollar box office in domestic sales, the movie has since dropped by 83% percent and only managed to stack up to $2.348 million dollars in its second week. This is considered to be the biggest week-to-week drop for the comic book superhero movies in history. Although the movie did slightly better overseas where it earned approximately $107 million dollars from a total of 53 international markets based on reports by Variety, we can clearly see it just did not do as well as expected.