Wyclef Jean recently got back in to the music, releasing his free project April Showers. He's not stopping there though, as that was just a warm-up for his upcoming album.

The Haitian rapper visited The Breakfast Club on Power 105 recently and revealed the title of his upcoming album, which is due out in September. Wyclef said, "The album is coming out in September. The album's called The Carnival Begins." He continued,"[I] just recorded one joint with Pit, where Cuba meets Haiti." This will be Wyclef's eleventh studio album, following his last project in 2010, the political EP, If I Were President: My Haitian Experience. 

Wyclef went on to discuss his former Fugees bandmate, Lauryn Hill, and her tax evasion problems. He seems to think she'll be fine. When asked if he would give his guitar to Lauryn so she could pawn it to pay off her taxes, Wyclef wasn't down. "Nah, nah, nah, She's okay. She doesn't need the money, to pawn for taxes. She has that big Sony deal coming up. She would never pawn a guitar, be clear."

Wyclef went on to explain that Lauryn will be receivng royalties for the rest of her life, and praised her for writing "some of the greatest songs." "Royalties always comes in," Wyclef said. "Royalties don't stop...Maybe the process of how fast the royalties are coming in is just a little slow, but be clear, the royalties are going to come in for the rest of her life."

The rapper went on to say he did not think Lauryn Hill's tax problems are a matter of the singer not properly investing her money. "I don't think her problem was not an early investment problem, there's a lot of us that have been through a tax issue. The idea of making a lot of money and paying a lot of taxes just don't go with us, but it's something we have to do," Clef said.

Check out Wyclef's full interview with Power 105 below. He discusses wanting to start his own record label, Haiti, his guitar shaped like a gun, and he even plays some songs with his guitar for the crew in the second half of his interview.