Wyclef Jean recently caused a stir on the internet when he posted a picture on his Twitter account of him in a speedo, on a motorcycle, in celebration of his birthday. The photo earned him "Donkey of the Day" on the Breakfast Club's Power 105, and so he checked in with the show following the new title to discuss why he posted the photo among other things.

He explains the photo was an old photo and that he's also a joker. "That's an old pic..I'm part of a bike club, right." Wyclef said, "And I do photoshoots, that's actually an old photo shoot, and those photos are actually up on Instagram and Facebook. The picture that you're looking at it, if you woulda looked at my Instagram, you woulda been seen that picture. This is an actual photoshoot for a company in Italy." He continued,"So I said that I turned 43, I feel 26, based on that photoshoot I had did." Wyclef added about his age,"At 43, to look the way I look and feel the way I feel is incredible."

Wyclef also touches on his new book, and exposing his affair with Lauryn Hill in the book. The Breakfast Club asked him if he felt bad, bringing back up all their old history when now Lauryn has kids etc. 

"What I want you to understand is, the only thing that's a secret, is if me and you know it. And what I've learnt through my twenty years-time of being in the industry, is eventually, what will happen, is people will come out, whether I told you this story, or you read it from a book of somebody that happened to be in that era...then you would look for me now, and say, 'Clef what really happened?'Cause I read this story.' So my timing of my book was never based on the kids...If you reading an entire book and you decide that you gunna make the book about one paragraph. The reason I exposed it like that is because, it's not a secret, number one. And number two, stories are always told when it's not told from the main people, it's always tainted."

He also says he doesn't think Lauryn is crazy. "I said there was a certain situation where I thought she was bi-polar," Clef explains.

 Watch the full interview below.