About a month ago on the ESPY's red carpet, WWE's Big Show (not so subtly) hinted at a colossal match against Shaq at Wrestlemania 33. 

The official WWE facebook account posted video of the two giants' encounter, which furthered everyone's assumption that the 7-footers would lock horns at the next Wrestlemania, which happens to be in Orlando.

Big Show all but confirmed that match during a recent interview with Shanghai Daily, in which he spoke about his looming retirement:

“I’ve had a 21-year career. I’m looking forward to retirement actually. It’d be nice to actually see my family.

“I’ve earned my limited schedule and now it’s the twilight for me. I get to do media, talk to fans, and tour the world and go out with a nice casual wave goodbye; and I’m happy with that.”

In regards to Shaq, and the match which fans have anticipated ever since the two stood face to face in the ring at Wrestlemania 32, Big Show added:

“We’ll have one heck of a match and we’ll see what’s up. We’ll give the fans a treat.”

Wrestlemania 33 won't be taking place until next April but it's never to soon to start building the hype. Expect Big Show to invade the NBA On TNT set or for Shaq to randomly pop up on an episode of Raw to start get the ball rolling on this "feud."