WWE's second longest running PPV event, Survivor Series, is scheduled to kick off tonight, November 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The event - featuring plenty of SmackDown vs Raw contests - will get underway with a two-hour pre-show at 5pm ET, followed by the main card at 7pm.

One of WWE's "Big 4" events of the year, Survivor Series has been the home of many marquee matchups over the event's 31-year history dating back to the inaugural PPV in 1987. Survivor Series is traditionally characterized by the tag-team elimination matches, in which teams of four or five face off against another group with the match continuing until all members of one side have been eliminated. 

Naturally, some of the biggest matches in Survivor Series history have been of the traditional "Survivor Series" variety, but there are many other iconic singles matches that define the November classic.

Ahead of tonight's 2018 Survivor Series PPV, take a look back at 10 of the biggest moments in the event's illustrious history.