Ronda Rousey is the at the intersection of her life where nature calls to some women, not all. It so happens that the moment Ronda Rousey has begun experiencing a biological response in her ovaries, several times to women and men pushing their tiny tots in strollers. TMZ caught up with her in NYC, and planted the question of parenthood on her without trepidation. Adam Glyn, a veteran reporter/comedian with TMZ used his rapport with Ronda to great effect. She felt comfortable enough to reveal that she was "soon" anticipating conceiving a baby with husband Travis Browne.

Her plans to have a baby come as she is enjoying a renewal of spirits in her second career as a WWE performer. Her in-ring debut at Wrestlemania 34 was lauded by fans of the sport who were initially skeptical she could incorporate all the skills required of a wrestler on short notice. Her development has been so crucial to the brand, the promotion has already given her a push for the Women's Title at next month's "Money in the Bank" Pay-Per-View in Chicago, Illinois. 

If they so choose, the WWE could write her an angle that could preclude her from actual "in-ring" participation should she decide to have a child. In the event they go that route, it might benefit both parties for her to reinforce her relationship with WWE fans before she makes the transition. Her husband Travis Browne has suffered consecutive losses in MMA, and is on the downtrend of his UFC career. He could step in as a paternal caregiver should he decide to hang 'em up.