The Undertaker will be back on television in the very near future, as the WWE has announced two separate dates when The Deadman will be making his presence felt

According to WWE, The Phenom will first return to SmackDown Live when the WWE Superstars invade Madison Square Garden on September 10. It remains to be seen what Taker will be doing on the show, but it's worth noting that event marks the last before the "Clash Of Champions" PPV on Sunday, September 15.

Additionally, Undertaker will be among the many superstars on hand for the 20th anniversary SmackDown reunion, scheduled for the Fox premiere on October 4. That move was always expected, as the WWE will want to boost ratings as much as possible for the first SmackDown on Fox, but his inclusion on the September 10 episode is much more mysterious.

As noted by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE didn't book Taker for the MSG show just to sell tickets, so it'll be interesting to see what role he'll play on the show.

“Another interesting thing is The Undertaker is going to be on the September 10th SmackDown show which to me, I mean the big thing is that they want that big show on October 4th Friday on Fox. It’s like why would you put Undertaker on SmackDown three weeks before this big show because it’s like the second time seeing The Undertaker in three weeks it’s not that big of a deal.”

“He’s not on the September 15th pay-per-view [Clash Of Champions] card from what I’m told. I mean, obviously with the way WWE goes that could change tomorrow, but he’s not, but he’s booked on both of those [SmackDown] shows. SmackDown tickets aren’t doing well at MSG, but that’s not the reason he’s booked. So, whatever.”