While we hip-hop loving gamers may still lament the absence of a proper Def Jam: Fight For NY reboot, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. 

According to the official Wu-Tang Clan Twitter account, gaming has officially joined the ranks DJing, b-boying, graffiti artistry, and of course, rapping. It's unclear what sparked this epiphany, or which member spearheaded the campaign in the first place, but Wu-Tang have long had a history with video games. In fact, they're one of the few hip-hop artists to have their own game, 1999's Playstation exclusive Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style. 

The game has become somewhat of a rarity, with the lone unopened copy currently selling on Amazon for $120; should you be one of those collector types, however, rest assured that there are several second-hand copies still available. Critically, Shaolin Style was far from favored, though the sheer novelty of playing a Wu-Tang Clan fronted fighting game is enough to pique interest. 

While both artforms may seem disparate on the surface, plenty of rappers have immersed themselves in gamer culture, be it through cameo appearances or merely though obsession. Wu Tang Clan are real ones for this!