Last September, right around the time when Drake's acclaimed album Nothing Was The Same was dropping, Wu-Tang Clan's U-God announced that he and his crew had recorded a remix of Drizzy's track "Wu-Tang Forever." A year has passed, and we still have no sign of that posse cut, so what happened? In a new interview with MTV, Clan members describe what went down, and explain why the remix is likely to never see the light of day. 

The group apparently had very little time to record their version (6 hours, according to U-God), and felt that their verses wouldn't mesh well with Drake's. As U-God tells it:

"We was hard body at the time. I was listening to the track, and like later on, I was like, what the hell was I rhyming about? I was like I was rhyming some hardcore shit, and he wanted to talk about some bitches." 

That's not a shot, as both him and Ghostface Killah later express their fondness for Drizzy, but still, sad news all the same. Watch the full interview below.