Jimmy Fallon has once again garnered a few hip-hop points. Yesterday night, Fallon secured the entirety of the Wu-Tang Clan on his Late Night stage, including a stand-in performance from ODB's son, Young Dirty Bastard. "They are one of the most legendary hip-hop groups of all time," introduces Fallon, before panning to a full-stage of Wu-Tang members. Off the bat, Young Dirty Bastard brings the spirit of his father alive, kicking off the introduction without missing a beat. Inspectah Deck slides through next, kicking off his iconic verse with a laid-back swagger.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

From that point forward, "Triumph" continues in a damn-near flawless take on the Wu-Tang Forever original. At this point, "Triumph's" legacy needs no elaboration, as many fans hold it in high esteem within the Clan's discography. To see it brought to life on a Late Night show is nothing short of incredible, given the vast demographics that tune in to Fallon's nightly antics. Hopefully, some of the uninformed can gain an understanding of the Clan's impact, especially after seeing such a seamless performance come to life.

Check it out for yourself below. Should you be feeling a Wu-Tang high, look for their new docu-series Of Mics And Men to premiere on May 10th, on Showtime