Never before has a rapper been as inextricably linked to the NBA playoffs as Lil B has been in 2015. Dishing out warnings, curses and pardons like he's a 14th century pope, the Based God's been central to the conversation around the games, interacting with rappers on Twitter, attending games to strengthen his magic and even popping up on ESPN to clarify just who's on his shit list.

For us hip hop fans, Lil B's wrath is nothing new. Although he usually promotes positivity, he's also spent the past five or so years dishing out diss tracks to anyone who speaks out against him or insults his craft. Due to the insane rate at which he churns out music, that means quite a few diss tracks. In order to better understand what exactly sets off the divine Based deity, as well as provide some historical context for his current black magic, we're listing everyone that's ever had an official diss or curse aimed at them, chronologically. 

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