Wowgr8 of EarthGang fame has been having a solid year, contributing some standout verses to the recent Spilligion project. Aside from that, the Atlanta lyricist has been steadily delivering a few key freestyles on his SoundCloud page, including the recent "Bang Freestyle," which featured a few controversial bars fueling speculation at some problems with J. Cole. "Cole tried to do me like Hov did to Ye," he rapped, a line that ultimately served to draw some unwanted attention and unfavorable theory-crafting.

EarthGang Wowgr8

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images 

A few weeks after uploading the "Bang Freestyle," Wowgr8 had the track removed entirely, citing the problems it caused as the primary catalyst. And while he did delete his initial explanation, a recent video from his Instagram Live sheds a bit of light on the situation. After a viewer directly inquires as to whether he "dissed Cole," Wowgr8 pauses the music and clears the air.

"Everybody keeps asking if I dissed Cole," he begins. "No. For one thing, that song 'Bang' is a John Witherspoon tribute. Cole heard it at least eighteen months ago, number one. Number two, I didn't know the Jay-Z Kanye West relationship would turn to what it turned to. I was just saying Cole discovered me and my n***as. I don't know nothing bout what those n***as turned to, that's an old-ass song. Cole tried to put us up like Hov put Ye up. There is no beef between me and Cole, that is my-n**a-my-n***a. But I do love the song, I love the song so much I had to put it up."

So there you have it -- no conflict is secretly brewing within the Dreamville camp. Check out Dot's own words below, a statement he doubled-down on last night, prior to deleting the post altogether. In the meantime, be sure to support Wowgr8 by checking out Spilligion, a project made with several Dreamville alumni