Word On The Street: Is Tupac Still Alive?

Rose Lilah
September 15, 2015 11:41

We take the conspirator question, "is Tupac still alive?", to the NY streets.

With the recent anniversary of Tupac's untimely passing, Pac has been on our minds. The anniversary often brings back conspiracy theories about whether or not Pac is really dead/who shot him/etc, so we decided to see what the people of New York City had to say about the topic for this week's edition of Word On The Street.

Surprisingly, most of the people we ran into were adamant that Pac is alive and well, chilling either in California, Cuba or the Dominican Republic, likely smoking blunts. However when it comes to the age-old question, "Tupac Vs. Biggie," unsurprisingly, most of these New Yorkers sided with B.I.G. 

What's your theory? R.I.P.

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Word On The Street: Is Tupac Still Alive?