Future is known for being prolific, but he's really outdone himself with the back-to-back release of FUTURE and HNDRXX, two 17-track projects released within a week of one another that reveal two very different sides of the Atlanta rapper. 

Now that we've had a chance to sit (at least for a few days) with both projects, HNHH's Devon Jefferson took to the streets of L.A. to talk to the people about Future's new music.

From comparing the two albums, to potential collaborators, to a ferociously freestyled message to Future himself, the people of Hollywood Boulevard had a lot to say. Stay tuned for a flawlessly beatboxed recreation of Missy Elliott's "Work It" for good measure.

Let us know which of Future's new projects you prefer below. Rumors have been flying about a third release, though his manager denies it. What do you think?