It's safe to say by now you've had enough time to properly digest both Kendrick Lamar's proper album release, the dense-yet-light DAMN. and Drake's lengthy More Life playlist. Although the two albums are starkly different in terms of lyrical content and production, they were released almost exactly a month apart, and inevitably draw comparisons simply because they make up two of the hottest rappers in the game right now-- whether or not you agree.

Even with their differences, ask someone whether or not they prefer DAMN. or More Life, and that person will have an answer for you. It's not really a matter of comparison here, but what your personal taste dictates. Even so, it looks like NYC has Kendrick on their back, with DAMN. winning the majority of the points. It's cold out here for Toronto-born Drizzy.

Watch the new episode of Word on the Street with our new NYC host, Shenae Curry, below. Cast your own vote afterwards.