Word On The Street: Amber Rose's SlutWalk

Rose Lilah
October 06, 2015 12:06

Watch as New Yorkers opine on Amber Rose's recent SlutWalk in L.A.

Over the weekend, Amber Rose hosted her first SlutWalk out in Los Angeles, where she marched along with hundreds of other women in protest of slut-shaming and the double standards that plague our society. It seemed to be a successful turn out, and Amber made headlines when she issued (an emotional) speech forgiving two of her previous lovers, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, for slut-shaming comments they made about her in the past.

Although the event took place in LA, we decided to ask New Yorkers how they feel about Amber Rose's movement for our latest episode of Word on the Street. From their take on the SlutWalk to whether or not Wiz and Amber should get back together, see what the responses are up top. 

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Word On The Street: Amber Rose's SlutWalk