While the last entry arrived in November of last year, fans are already looking toward the next opponent of Adonis Creed's in the Creed series of films. Casting has been kept under wraps for Creed III, but Creed II star Wood Harris has already chimed in with his own opinion on just who should enter the ring opposite Michael B. Jordan, noting that Deontay Wilder would be fit for the role.

"Adonis needs to fight Deontay Wilder," Harris excitedly told TMZ, adding on a backstory on what Wilder's origins would be as it related to the film.

"Mr. T's son," he declared. "Straight up. The Black Bomber, blow. That's going to be dope, though."

Soon enough, TMZ follows up by asking Harris if this spans beyond a theoretical scenario, but he indulges us no more.

"I don't know, man. Don't try to get the exclusive," says Wood. 

This isn't the first time that we've heard this one, though. Previously, Wilder voiced his desire to break into the acting world, specifically hoping to play the offspring of the fictional fighter Clubber Lang, portrayed by Mr. T in Rocky III. 

Michael B. Jordan would later co-sign the idea with the outlet, adding that he thinks it's not such a bad idea.