While Coachella's annual music festival was taking place earlier this year, bringing in thousands upon thousands of people to the Coachella Valley to party for days there were also some questionable acts taking place outside the festival grounds. We posted about a police investigation that was taking place in April after a woman was caught on camera pulling into a Napa Auto Parts to toss out five, three-day-old puppies in the garbage bin. 

It was the act of a good samaritan who saw the suspicious activity and called animal control, saving the puppies lives. TMZ now reports that the suspect, 54-year-old Deborah Sue Culwell, has been apprehended and since pleading guilty she will be serving one year in jail. According to the publication, the sentence also includes six years probation once she's released. Deborah was charged for 7 felony counts of animal cruelty as well as 7 misdemeanor counts of abandoning the dogs. Since she pleaded guilty to all 14 charges she was initially going to face seven years behind bars but somehow got lucky with her sentence.

Once free she will have to undergo random drug tests, complete mental health counseling and by no surprise, she cannot have any pets. At the time of her arrest, Debroah reportedly had 38 dogs in her custody.