In June, it was reported that a woman named Christine Chisholm was suing 2 Chainz for making her the subject of a viral video titled "Is This Yo Thot?" The original lawsuit she brought forth demanded $5 million in damages, but now, reports TMZ, Chisholm has filed an addendum to the lawsuit in which she accuses Chainz of attempting to put out a hit on her.  

Chisholm claimed she was recently out running when a black Mercedez began following her and drove into her before driving off. The collision apparently injured Chisholm's arm, though she thinks the driver was intent on causing more serious harm and that he was set up by 2 Chainz. She also claimed that Chainz has visited her neighborhood in South Carolina in an attempt to collect more information about her. 

As further evidence, she cited 2 Chainz' recent song "Watch Out," the lyrics of which, she feels, contain direct threats against her. Specifically, she cites the lines, "Shawty said she want 5 million / Cause I told her to leave and call her a thot," and, later in the same verse, "You waving that thing in the sky / We waving that thing at your body / We waving that thing in your eye." Reading the lyrics straight through, it's difficult to ascertain a certain connection between those two separate blocks of lyrics.

It's not yet clear exactly what Chisholm is requesting along with the new accusations, though it'll likely be a lot more than $5 million. Either that, or she's trying to get Tity Boi behind bars.