Earlier this month word got out that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was in a battle to keep a sex tape from leaking out to the public and that the woman, Elizabeth Ruiz, was reportedly seeking $2.5 million in exchange for the footage.

According to Miller's lawyers, the Super Bowl MVP contacted Ruiz and told her to erase the video on her phone but she responded with, "Gotcha" and demanded $2.5 million for it. "She wanted to become the next Kim Kardashian," they said.

Naturally, she's telling a completely different story.

TMZ caught up with Ruiz who said she's just keeping the footage for her own "personal" use and never tried to sell it until Von's camp reached out to her first. "They threw out the first number... and my attorney counter offered with the 2.5 million."

Check out what she had to say about their night in Cancun and the subsequent legal drama below.