Ne-Yo has had some baby mama drama in the past, and now a woman who once claimed to be his baby mama is bringing the drama once more. Jessica White is suing Ne-Yo for defamation, saying the singer trashed her on T.V.

TMZ reports that White has filed a lawsuit against Ne-Yo, stating that when Ne-Yo went on VH1's "Behind The Music," he made Jessica sound like "an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child ... so that she could fraudulently bilk him of 'ungodly amounts of money.'"

Jessica gave birth to what she thought was Ne-Yo's child, and marked Ne-Yo as the father on the birth certificate, however a paternity test proved otherwise. Jessica claims that she told Ne-Yo at the time of the birth that she was not certain if Ne-Yo was the father. However, Ne-Yo went on VH1 and claimed that Jessica tried to pull one over on him.

As a result of the episode on VH1, Jessica says she now has people calling her all sorts of names, including "cunt," "bitch," "pathetic" and "gold-digging bitch."

She also claims he damaged her career as a photographer and graphic designer. She is seeking unspecified damages.