Long gone are the days where we thought a headline with R. Kelly's name in it would come baring anything but bad news. Even in this case, when the infamous R&B singer is not even directly linked to the incident at hand himself, it seems as though the R. Kelly curse continues. The Chicago Sun-Times has reported that a woman has come forward to tell Chicago cops that she was sexually assaulted at what she believes was R. Kelly's former studio.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The 31-year-old detailed that she was picked up around 3:54 a.m on Thursday, just a few blocks away from Kelly's old studio. The woman explained to police that she was approached by three men in a vehicle while she was seated at a bar, and that she proceeded to climb into their car, only to be brought to the building she believes was the rapper’s former studio. She went on to tell authorities that two of the men sexually assaulted her, and that she had left and called 911, before authorities responded to the scene, and proceeded to rush her to Rush Hospital, where she was treated for sexual assault. Authorities had received a report from a city-wide scanner that a woman was raped by three men at a building she had said was Kelly's music studio. Police have confirmed the contents of the call, but said that authorities have not yet been able to decipher the exact location of the assault. The embattled Kelly is said to have vacated the building back in February, after a judge placed a strict restriction on the use of the premises.