A clip of Wale arguing with a woman and having smoke blown in his face has surfaced today, raising many questions.

The clip, which was obtained by TMZ, shows the rapper approaching a woman outside of L.A club Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night. Both the woman and Wale are already visibly annoyed with one another when the video starts, before she asks "are you following me?" and promptly blows some smoke (or vapor) in his face. From there, Wale knocks the food out of her hands and the two bicker a little more before going their separate ways.

The main question we're left with is "what were the two fighting about?" which Wale gave his perspective on in an interview on TMZ live. According to the MMG rapper, he was joking about bulimia when the woman seen in the video said something along the lines of "you people are so disrespectful." Wale was triggered by the potential racial connotations of the phrase "you people," which is when he approached the woman. After he had smoke blown in his face, Wale says the girl asked "what are you gonna do?"

"I'm not gonna hit a girl," he says. "So I just smacked her food ... if you're talking like that to me and blowing smoke in my face after I didn't do nothing to you, rest in peace to your meal, sweetheart."

Watch his interview below.