A strange story made headlines the other day, alleging that R&B singer Keyshia Cole had assaulted an unidentified woman at Birdman's condo. While it was hardly common knowledge, Birdman and Keyshia were said to be dating, which could have been the root of the attack.

TMZ has now dug in to the story, and been given exclusive info from the victim of the assault. According to them, her name is Sabrina Mercadel, and she's been working with Cash Money for over ten years. Apparently, she's also known Birdman for even longer.

According to alleged eyewitness reports (there were four others present at the scene), when Cole saw Mercadel exit the bathroom at Birdman's place, she asked, “What are you doing with my man?!”, and proceeded to attack her. The victim was subsequently treated at the ER.

More updates to come as information arrives.