As the men are set to jet off to three luxurious hotels at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida to continue the NBA season, the women of the WNBA are apparently subjected to stay in spots that resemble cheap motels.

A few videos have been posted from inside of the WNBA Bubble in Florida, which reportedly shows the horrendous living conditions for some of the top-performing female professional athletes in the world.

ESPN's Kayla Johnson shared a couple of videos on Monday, giving an inside look at the laundry rooms that players must wash their clothes in, which features a mousetrap on the wall. "Just got this video from one of the laundry rooms inside the WNBA 'bubble' and couldn’t be more disturbed. This is not ok," she wrote.

In another clip, Johnson showed off one of the hotel rooms that the players are staying in, in which a worm can be seen crawling on the floor.

WNBA All-Star and former Rookie of the Year winner A'ja Wilson seemingly confirmed the report, reposting the videos and joking: "Someone said 'I know a trap house when I see one.'"

Considering the bubble is meant to keep players safe from the coronavirus, this is just horrific to see. These living conditions are not appropriate for anybody, let alone athletes of their caliber. Hopefully, the league takes a serious look into this and makes the necessary adjustments.