Wiz Khalifa's son Sebastian "Bash" Thomaz may have taken on the #OutWestChallenge for our entertainment, but that doesn't mean he's happy about it. The rapper posted a video of his 7-year-old's hilarious attempt at the dance challenge, which went viral on TikTok earlier this year. The challenge is made up of some simple enough moves set to the JACKBOYS and Young Thug joint, "Out West." While the challenge has been a fun activity for many TikTok users, it looks like Bash was less than thrilled to be taking part.

On Friday (July 3rd), Bash's dad shared the hilarious clip on Instagram with the caption, "Fav person." In the clip, Bash executes the challenge flawlessly, but he looks absolutely miserable the whole time. It's likely that this was just for comedic effect, and if that is the case, he sure succeeded in making us laugh.

While Bash appears to be the latest notable name to take on the #OutWestChallenge, many others have tried their hand at it. Angela Simmons took on the challenge, which got her teased by Bow Wow. However, Meek Mill's attempt was arguably the best, mostly because he didn't appear to even know the moves. Young Thug himself even have it a go back in April alongside his daughter.