When Wiz Khalifa's third Rolling Papers dropped in 2011, the rapper was riding one of the game's most prolific mixtape runs. His smoke-fueled aesthetic helped cement him as one of hip-hop's quintessential stoners, and the aspiring marijuana connoisseurs gravitated to him like a king. Now, seven years have passed, and Wiz's status in the game has cooled down. Though still respected across the board, Wiz has been quiet on the musical front, seemingly more active in the gym than the booth. Yet recent interviews find Wiz at his most focused, and to hear him tell it, he's never been sharper.

Does that sense of focus hold up on his new, gargantuan project Rolling Papers 2? After all, a twenty-five track project is a daunting proposition for any artist; one might very well burn through their entire supply during a continuous play-through. Despite the length, it would appear that many fans are pleased with the album, and the loyalty that Wiz continues to inspire even now is a testament to his legacy. Though it's entirely possible that the project will take a while to sink it, first impressions are more or less positive. 

Peep some of the early Twitter reactions below.