Wiz Khalifa pretended to smoke a joint before throwing the first pitch at a Pirates game, and the MLB is not pleased. According to the Tribune-Review’s Rob Biertempfel, the MLB shared the following statement after Wiz's display: "Marijuana is [a prohibited] substance in all of our drug programs. It’s unfortunate this situation occurred. The Pirates have informed us that this should not have happened."



Wiz has long been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and even has his own strain of weed called Khalifa Kush, which he partnered with RiverRock Cannabis to create. He's sponsored by a medical marijuana dispenser called "The Cookie Company," which stocks his signature KK. The rapper was wearing a "Legalize It" shirt when the pitch was thrown.

Last year, Wiz discussed the lasting stigma against weed in an interview with High Times. "People are still scared of it," he said. "They don’t really understand weed or how it works or why it should be legalized. So when you see somebody who’s free and open about it, it’s not really as accepted as people think it is."

The rapper has not publicly responded to the MLB's statement, but he has shared a link to a recent conversation in which he further discussed his attitude towards legitimizing marijuana. "I see it being like alcohol ... but more accessible for people,” he said. “There’s different ways of getting it that’s not just the flower ... there’s oils, vapes." View a clip of his comments below.