Wiz Khalifa is currently on tour in South America, but his distance from America hasn’t stopped him from beefing with Kanye West on Twitter and carrying that beef over into his live performances.

With any beef as high profile (and entertaining) as this one, there are people who try to capitalize on the fervor for more information. One rumor that popped up over the weekend is that Wiz Khalifa had been playing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J during his shows. No one has been able to trace the rumor back to its source, but now Wiz’s DJ has denied those rumors. This morning he tweeted “Wiz did not play a Kim sex tape over the weekend during a concert” adding that he can’t “believe you guys believe hit stuff.”

For what it's worth, Kanye West has half-apologized for his misdirected rant, and Wiz's camp seems like it's ready to put this one behind him. However, with Mr. West dominating the news cycle as Waves nears its release date, Wiz may have on last shot to take.