Lil Pump's "ESSKEETIT" may sound like an alien from hit nineties series Animorphs, but the bouncy, self-produced banger has proved to be a worthy successor to "Gucci Gang." Granted, it's far more in-your-face than its predecessor, which at least had the benefit of a classy minor-key instrumental. This one is basically Pump's Instagram personified. In other words, it's not for everybody. Lyrically, he's back to exploring familiar themes of drug use, stunting and or flexing, and once again referencing the elderly. And while Pump's target demographic is almost certainly too young to legally drink, it would appear he has at least one loyal listener in his thirties. 

Pump recently caught footage of Wiz Khalifa vibing out to "ESSKEETIT," which he shared on his Instagram page. Pump seemed to appreciate the gesture, tagging Wiz alongside a fire emoji; the utmost sign of respect. From the look of it, Wiz has put Sebastian to bed, and has decided to spend his free time catching up on the music of his son's generation. All jokes aside, it is nice to see an OG pay homage to one of the young bloods, and one wonders if this spells a future collaboration. After all, Wiz captioned the video with "This my shit."

What do ya'll think of this co-sign? It would be strange to see Wiz and Pump linking up for a collaboration, but stranger things have happened. No matter how you feel about the divisive young Floridian, you can't deny that he's consistently winning. Still, it's a shame he had to revert back to rapping about drugs after publicly denouncing them.