With his album officially slated for a July 13 release date, Wiz Khalifa has announced that he will be going on tour to support his new music. Last week, Wiz announced that his next album would be released in the summer, leading to speculation on if the project would be named Rolling Papers 2 or Khalifa Kush. Both names have been thrown around by the artist as it was first reported that the sequel to Rolling Papers would be next on deck for Wiz. However, back in January, the rapper said he had renamed the project to Khalifa Kush. Seemingly going back and forth between the two, maybe the tour announcement will guide everybody in the right direction.

Posting a photo to his Instagram page earlier today, Wiz noted that he would reveal the name of the tour shortly as well as any potential opening acts, writing, "Announcing my tour name and who I’m goin wit really soon. #ganggang." Wiz's tourmates are anybody's guess as the rapper may have big plans up his sleeve for a co-headliner, or guests from his beloved Taylor Gang. 

As with the album announcement that was teased early last week, we will keep our eyes peeled for any updates on Wiz's upcoming tour. Who would you like to see on tour with him?