With 420 going down last week, fans of Wiz Khalifa have been treated to plenty of new music & content from the T.G.O.D general over the past few days or so, including “Always High” with Juicy J, “Mr Weedman” with Juelz Santana, & “420” featuring Snoop Dogg to name a few. Well looking to keep his friendly, 420-release strategy going, Wiz decided to come through this weekend & share a new episode of his popular #DayToday vlog series appropriately called “Happy Four Twenty.”

Giving viewers a behind the scenes look into Wiz’s everyday life, the 15-minute clip follows Wiz as he spends quality time with his son Bash, shoots a music video for Raven Felix, takes a trip to Guatemala to perform at Empire Music Festival & a whole lot more. He even, maybe most importantly, gives us a little preview of what he’s been cooking up in the studio as well.

Around the 4:05 mark, Wiz hits a Los Angeles studio with producer & engineer Mike Dean who plays him a nasty ass beat that they vibe over. Wiz doesn't reveal the song’s title or much from it, but he does spit some ad-libs while on the mic & leaves us with a few lines, “Talking the game Im on top of the list/ walk in this thing I look stylish as shit.” Later, we hear a preview of the actual song, "Open up, countin' up, going hard, passing out/ Waking up, counting up, going hard.... I dont want to go home," Wiz croons on the hook.

For what it’s worth, Wiz & Mike both shared their respective pictures on Instagram a few weeks ago when they linked up together. Wiz captioned “Me and this guy got some real heat we created,” where as Mike simply posted “Wiz smoking and cookin.”

Check out the full vlog episode (below) and/or fast forward to the 4:25 mark to get a taste of what Wiz & Mike Dean have in stored for us. Look for details on Wiz's next album to be coming hopefully soon.