Wiz Khalifa stopped by Funkmaster Flex to talk about Kanye West's new song, "Way Too Cold," after his performance at Coachella.

When asked if he was surprised to hear his name on the track he responded,  "Yes, because he said my name. I've gone a long time without anybody actually saying my name out loud like that. It wasn't a bad thing...It was wild but it wasn't nothing negative. Everybody got positive from it. So, it's positive."

Khalifa also said he's never met Kanye.

They also disucssed the Tupac hologram at Coachella, which Wiz says was dope, "It was dope for me, just as a fan, seeing it and in respect to Pac and what he's done for the game, just to have his energy up there." However, he said seeing Tupac was enough and he doesn't need to see anymore.