Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y finally announced the release date for their much-anticipated, and much-delayed project, Live In Concert. While Wiz was in NYC he kept the interviews going this morning, by hitting up Power 105's the Breakfast Club. He talked to the crew about his baby mama and son, his remix to "U.O.E.N.O." and over-used flows, Gucci Mane, and a $1 million lawsuit he has no idea about.

The discussion started off with weed talk, before heading into a talk about Gucci Mane's reported craziness, since he assaulted two fans recently. While Wiz claims to be unaware of these incidents, he says the only Gucci Mane he knows is a funny one. When Wiz worked with the rapper, he said, "He was cool." He continued, "He wasn’t crazy when I was working with him... He was definitely smoked out. Gucci’s a cool man, he’s different than everybody. The way he communicates, the way he moves and the way he does things, so some people might get him, and some people might not."

Wiz added, "I only know the funny Gucci, that’s all I wanna get to know."

Although Wiz isn't known for his legal trouble, as the weed-smoking rapper keeps a relatively low-profile when it comes to scandals, it was reported recently that Wiz was filing a $1 million lawsuit against a concert promoter. When asked about this by Angela Yee, Wiz seemed completely unaware of it.

"I don’t even know about that either," Wiz said of the lawsuit. "I don’t know too many artists who sit down and file their own lawsuits. I didn’t personally push that paper across the desk. I don’t even know if that’s true honestly. I dunno. I didn’t do it," he confirmed.

Finally, Wiz also touched on his recent remix of Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O.," where he tried not to say "U.O.E.N.O." or use the flow associated with it. As he explained when asked about it, "I said it one time, I said the letters of the song. But I made a point to do that, ‘cause I didn’t wanna do that."

He continued to explain how he's attempting new flows and widening his vocabulary in his new material. "[It's a] very used up flow," Wiz said. "People are gunna hear in my newer stuff and all my features, I’m using flows and words that nobody’s using, purposefully. The game is just like Ace Hood’s flow, A$AP Rocky’s flow and Meek Mill’s flow. That’s it. And it’s cool, I’m not hating on those dudes, but I’m trying to challenge a rapper when you hear a beat to not be like [using those flows]."

Check out Wiz's full interview with the Breakfast Club Below.