Wiz Khalifa just dropped his collaborative EP with Curren$y, and already has another solo effort planned for this year. While he's as prolific as ever, the Pittsburgh rapper expressed that he wants to move away from the current trends in the rap game on his new music. IN a recent interview, Wiz spoke of how rap is starting to sound the same, his issues with mixing religion and hip hop, and future projects with 50 Cent.

"I think everything sounds the same because it's all Ace Hood's flow, Meek Mill's flow and A$AP Rocky's flow" Wiz argued, adding that he's "cool with all three of them dude's cause they started their flows." The Kush & OJ rapper had some advice for immitators however. "If you're a rapper and you don't have a song out that you're popular for, and you go straight into that flow, you should stop that, and go into another flow."

Khalifa indicated that similar flows are more to blame for the "sameness" of rap than trendy subjects like Molly, which he argued was just a sign of the times. "As far as like drugs, molly, and partying-- of course the next drug is gonna be the next cool thing," adding, "whatever's poppin' that's what people talk about." He also spoke of how the craze was more of just an adoption of a popular term than a lifestyle, as the drug has been used for years in different scenes. "There's people doing it and they're not even rappers, beacuse those kids have been raving for years."

On another trend that has not been discussed as often, the stoned rapper expressed a distaste for the subject or religion is rap, mainly because it is addressed amateurly. "Just me personally I don't like how much people play with religion in rap," he said. "I feel like that's a fad that a lot of people came into, but they don't really understand what they're saying." Wiz suggested that religion and rap are two often connected when they have no relation. "Religion is religion and rap culture is rap culture."

We've recently heard Wiz collaborate with 50 Cent on both Harry Fraud's "Telescope" and Chief Keef's "Hate Being Sober", and the rapper revelealed their will be more music from the two in the future. "I want to try to get something done with me and him for this album that I'm working on." he said, adding "we were talking about doing a movie as well."

Khalifa was very open to the idea of an acting career, but stressed that he doesn't want the spotlight. "I don't want to be a hollywood actor, I wanna do like my own undergorund... I wanna be my own Quentin Tarantino."

Watch the full interview below.