In the wake of king-sized album Rolling Papers 2, Wiz Khalifa set off a press run with the tried-and-true stop at The Breakfast Club. For those wondering what they might be getting into, the zany direction becomes evident from the jump. "If you bite a banana, you sus," claims Wiz, in the interview's opening moments. "N***as gotta break the banana in half, pause." Clearly, Wiz does not want to be seen putting anything even remotely phallic anywhere near his mouth. Charlamagne seems perplexed by the notion, countering with the simple, yet effective "it's a fruit." 

Serious topics are naturally covered, and Wiz' reputation as one of hip-hop's most iconic stoners is well respected throughout. Talks of marijuana are inevitable, as greenery, presumably the storied "Khalifa Kush," seem to permeate each of Wiz's replies. 

Eventually, conversation shifts to Wiz recently hitting thirty, causing the group to reflect on his evolution. Joking that his interviews are "boring," prompting a discourse on music over gossip, Angela brings up the fact that Wiz was recently seen with a new boo. He quickly nips that thread in the bud, claiming the lady-friend in question was merely a homegirl, even though Amber Rose co-signed her as a "step-mom" candidate. "I told Amber don't be doing that, yo," explains Wiz. "She be the main one like, 'If I take a picture with a guy everyone think I'm dating them.' Then I take a picture with Winnie and she's like 'oh, you're Sebastian's stepmom.' No, don't do that!"

He proceeds to make what feels like an appeal to the ladies of the world. "I'm a sweet dude. Anyone that comes in contact with me, I change their life."

For more from Wiz, peep the whole interview below.